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What is online reputation?

When someone searches your name or your company online, links and information displayed shape your online reputation. Reputació allows individuals and companies to manage their online reputation with all legal and technical tools.

Our Services

Our experience includes general advice on personal and corporate reputation online. Advising in situations of a reputational crisis. Carrying out judicial and extrajudicial actions related to personal and corporate reputation online.

These include:

1. Advice on viral marketing campaigns and product launches.

2. Advice and implementation of actions in crisis products.

3. Advice and implementation of actions and solutions to companies in crisis and damaged brands.

4. Advice on Web 2.0 performance.

5. Elimination or defense on mentions or history entries published in official bulletins.

6. Elimination of mentions, references or situations published in the media.

7. Elimination of mentions, references or actions published in digital online libraries.

8. Elimination of photos or images online.

9. Elimination or reply of comments on websites, blogs and forums.

10. Action under existing legislation on protection of personal data.

11. Action under the Law of Services of the information society.

12. Proceedings under the law for the right of honor, the personal privacy and self-image.

13. Action under the law of unfair competition and trademark law.

14. Actions related to intellectual property

About us

We have over 10 years of Internet experience in online reputation management. We manage the image, text and information on businesses or individuals posted on the Internet.

We help companies to remove or deactivate those data, information or comments that hurt their reputation.

Our tools are both technical and legal, that is when you cannot remove a link or information from a browser, a web page or a forum, we take legal action if necessary.

It is important to note the following:

“Your brand is not what you say it is, but what Google says it is”. advises you or your company so you to take full control of your reputation, name or your brand online.